Thursday, August 20, 2009

I think I've got this all figured out

Working the crowd at "Art on the Lake" exhibit in Big Bear Lake

A long overdue nap, under the table of course.

Hanging out with my big "Sister" Jamie

OK, this is about the size of it. Get up. Eat. Beat up on my sisters. Sleep. Get up. Eat. Play hard some more. Get in the car and go someplace special. I know its special because I am always the only dog there, and the center of attention. Sleep really hard under a table. Get back in the car and go home. Play for a little while longer. Eat. Sleep. Etc. Whew, that is just one day!


Gogi said...

Yeah, we heard from Fenix again. You sure have been a busy girl.
See you tomorrow.

Denise said...

See you tomorrow at puppy class

Gogi said...

Such a cute picture of Fenix nuzzling Jamie