Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dogs Everywhere You Look!

Mom putting me thru my paces

Me and my sisters Fern and Finley

A well deserved nap!

It was the most amazing thing! Today was my first trip back to Camp GDA in two weeks. It was my first formal dog obedience class. I saw my brother and three of my sisters! We are all getting quite big. But that wasn't the best thing...there were dogs everywhere! All sizes, colors and ages! My tail is so tired it wagged so much. There were newbies too (H-litter went out yesterday). I cant believe I was ever that small. They cried a lot, I guess it was scary for them. We weren't expected to do much, just behave. That was especially hard for some of the other pups. Afterwards, we socialized (can you say pile of puppies?) and I saw the Vet. She gave me a clean bill of health, so no more yucky medicine! After class, we went out to lunch (don't these guys ever eat IN?). I met Kricket and her folks, and slept for, like, forever. I'm asleep again. I earned it! What a special day it was.

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