Sunday, October 23, 2011

Graduation Day - Julie and Fenix

Thats Me! 

Well, I did it!  I am a real working guide dog!  I have been working hard for the past three weeks, training with my new partner Julie.  Everyone says that we make a great team.  I am looking forward to sharing lots of exciting times together.  It's been fun getting to know each other these past few weeks. 

Today was graduation day.  Lots of people came to watch the ceremony.  I even got to meet my puppy raisers today!  We all chatted for a while in Julie's room before the ceremony started.  I told them how challenging guide dog college was, and thanked them for preparing me to meet the challenge. 

That's about it for a while!  I am off to start my new life.  I have enjoyed sharing my experiences with all of you that check in from time to time! 

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