Friday, April 23, 2010

Sammy and Her Clan Visit SNOW

Well, it's April, and for some reason we still get snow every once in a while.  I like snow!  It's fun to run in, hide toys in, and then rediscover them (sometimes weeks later).  But when I spoke with my friend "Sammy" at a GDA puppy meeting, she told me that she didn't know what snow was.  Now, it hasn't snowed in weeks. It looked as if spring had finally come to my backyard.  Then, magically, it snowed this week.  I asked my folks, and they said it would be a great idea to invite Sammy up for a play date!  She was thrilled, and even convinced her mom to bring her sisters along for the day.  It made for a wonderful day!  Well...just take a look see for yourself!

Tori couldn't help giggling

"Hurry Up!  It's cold on my tush!" Fenix  -   Sammy

Did someone say "treat"?

We all played real good together, and had a great visit. 
We were sad to see Tori, Peri, and Sammy leave, but we all agreed that it was time for a nap!


Gogi said...

Oh such fun. It looks like that snow was well trampled.
See you next month Fenix. There won't be any snow in our back yard.

Gogi said...

Fenix, please tell your puppy raiser that it is now June and we haven't seen any May pictures yet.

Gogi said...

Fenix, it is JULY now. What happened to you in May and June?

Gogi said...

SNOW......why are you still talking about SNOW?

It is 102° outside!!!!!